Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Logo and Header Design

Hello my dear readers

Maybe you've already noticed the little design change:
I created a new header for the page! It's quite minimalistic, but I like the clean, bright look and the strong contrasts a lot.

What do you think?

Also I designed something like a logo, which I can use as a watermark on my pictures etc.
Well...yeah. It's a sewing button. Pretty obvious...but I really like buttons. ;-)

I would be very happy, if you could write a short comment about whether you like this new look or - if not - how to improve it.

Many thanks in advance!


Marzi Panik

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hello my dears

Yeah, it's triple-new-time! :D

New name!
New design!
New language!

I wanted my blog to be less personal, so I decided to give it a new name (and a new address, too).
"Ecce, ipse factum!" can be translated as "Look, homemade!", which I think is a good slogan for this blog.
Besides that, I really started to hate my old blog design. I wanted a cleaner look with a better overview. I hope, this one will work.
And last but not least: From now on I'll write my posts in english language. Hopefully this helps me to stay on track and to avoid about posting about senseless stuff that's swirling in my head. ;-)

Now I only need a nice logo for the header...I hope, I'll soon find the time to design one.

So long,

Marzi Panik

PS: Wenn jemand ein Problem mit der englischen Sprache hat, wäre es nett, wenn er sich kurz in den Kommentaren melden könnte. Dann würde ich zukünftig zumindest eine kurze Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch schreiben. :-)